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From the Mayor of Cherokee Village

It appears progress is being made in combating COVID-19 with more individuals becoming vaccinated.  However, it may be necessary in some situations to exercise social distancing or wearing of a mask.  Each citizen should take whatever steps are required to ensure your own personal health as well as the safety of others.  At City Hall beginning on June 7th we will return to normal operation but sanitizer and masks will be available.

On Saturday, June 26th the city will host its annual “Drop-off Cleanup”.  Citizens may bring items to the Municipal Garage to be deposited in roll-off dumpsters.  Do not bring any electronics, cans with paint, motors, appliances with Freon, gas powered equipment, or hazardous materials.  All of these items are not accepted at the landfill.  If you have a question about an item, please contact City Hall prior to the 26th.  Collection hours on the 26th will be from 9 to 2.

During the City Council meeting in May, the council approved an amendment to the building code which will take effect on August 20th.   Also, the Bobcat with multiple attachments purchased for the Street Department has been delivered.  Road repairs and mowing progress has been hampered by the weather.  Hopefully, with some dry and warm days ahead this work can progress.

 The Spay and Neuter Clinic hosted by the Animal Control Facility was a successful event with 54 cats and 44 dogs treated over a three day period.  We appreciate the volunteers who worked the event.  Again, I express my thanks to all who donate to the facility as those funds help provide proper care for the animals housed there. 

I wish to announce that our Chief of Police, Rickey Crook will be retiring as of July 1st.  Chief Crook dutifully served the city and its citizens for twelve years and has accumulated 32 years in his law enforcement career.  A new chief will be announced prior to July 1st.

Recently one of our storm sirens activated itself and we had to manually disconnect in order to shut it down; as it would not respond to normal electronic signal.  It was determined that a prior storm with lightning damaged the control panel.  Thus, further repairs are required and the siren will be out of service until the proper parts are available.

Look forward to July 4th, as the Fire Department will be hosting its annual pancake breakfast on July 3rd and fireworks will return to Lake Thunderbird with Thunder over Thunderbird that holiday weekend.

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