Fran Cavenaugh’s Legislative Update – Feb. 8, 2021


More than 70 bills have now been signed into law as we begin the 5th week of the 2021 Regular Session.

Another bill now making its way to the Governor’s desk is SB99. This bill, which regulates “step therapy” protocols, passed the House by a vote of 96-0. Health benefit plans are increasingly making use of step therapy protocols. The protocols often require patients to try one or more prescription drugs before coverage is provided for a drug selected by the patient’s healthcare provider. SB99 does not ban the use of step therapy but instead requires insurance providers to set reasonable timelines for requests and appeals.

If implemented, it will ensure that step therapy will be based on medical and clinical guidelines and not require patients to fail on medicines they have already taken or are not in their best interest.

The House also passed the following bills on Monday:

HB1193-This bill increases the amount of time a school board has to fill a vacancy in the event of a death of a board member. It extends the time from 30 days to 60 days.

HB1188-This bill allows technicians the ability to install home security devices that you can purchase in a retail store, such as a smart doorbell, without obtaining the same licensure as a private security agency.

HB1355-This removes licensing requirements for a motor vehicle salesperson and a recreational vehicle salesperson. This bill also creates the Automotive Technologist Education Grant Program. The Division of Career and Technical Education may then award grants for training in the field of automotive repair and technology.

HB1159-This bill allows members of the General Assembly to defer jury duty to a later date if they are called to serve during a legislative session or the 30 days before and after the session begins. This bill also allows a person who is 80 years of age or older to voluntarily exempt himself or herself from participating in jury service at any time.

The House will reconvene on Tuesday at 1 pm.#franstaterep60

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