Prayer Flags

Butterfly prayer flag. Photo by Laura Smith

Nowadays prayer flags, along with traditional flags, have become “intentional art” flags. This meaning that elements incorporated into a flag are carefully thought out to carry a particular intention of goodwill.

Elements are usually kept to simple fabrics and fibers, small embroidered or stamped words of the intention like ‘believe’, ‘love’, ‘faith’, etc. are often used as well.

Color is an important element to consider as it can invoke powerful emotions. Think chakras and their respective colors–the colors correspond to what a person may be dealing with internally. People gravitate toward certain colors at different times based upon this.

Let’s say they are using blue and blue is their favored color for them for several months–this is a correlation of them not able to “voice” what they need to and it is literally hurting them–sore throats and/or related illnesses. The color blue helps to soothe the way!

So, a prayer said in silence or offered up as a gift of a prayer flag for someone to hang on a wall can be creative, heartfelt, and a loving way to spread good intention.

Traditional prayer flag. Photo by Adonyi Gábor
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