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Officer warns of scams ahead of holidays

Financial scams are here all year long, but during the Holiday Season the scams become far more prevalent.  There are dozens of different scams but they all have the same goal; THEY WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY!

Some things to consider:1. The IRS, Social Security Administration, the FBI and your local Police WILL NOT CALL YOU TO TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE A WARRANT FOR YOUR ARREST.

2. Your Grandson, Granddaughter, Niece, Nephew or any other relative or friend is not likely in jail or in a traffic accident and needing thousands of dollars immediately.

3. You have not won a Lottery or Grand Prize and have to pay taxes, shipping or a handling charge of thousands of dollars up front.

4. If you want to purchase a small companion animal, do it locally and see the animal in person; do not negotiate for an unseen animal over the internet.

5. Do not get involved in a romantic relationship with an individual that you have never seen in person, over the internet.

6. If a person demands that you pay for a service, over the internet, with a Pre-paid credit or gift card or requires a money wire transfer, it is a SCAM!

7. If you are selling something on Ebay and the buyer claims to be out of the country, it is likely a scam.

8. If the person tells you not to talk to anyone about your transaction, IT IS A SCAM!

If you have any doubts, concerns or questions about an offer, please contact your bank, your attorney or the local police and discuss the matter.  Unfortunately, once the transaction is completed, there is likely nothing that law enforcement can do to help you and you will be out the money.

Scammers have no conscience, no morality and no concern about your health or circumstances. As long as they can get your money they could care less. Most of these scammers are in other countries and they spend all day long making thousands of contacts. If just 1 in 100 contacts send them money, they have made a lot of money.

John Hutchins, Criminal Investigator

Cherokee Village Police Department

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