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National Emergency Medical Services Week

In 1974, President Gerald Ford officially shone the light on critical care providers and their work in the emergency care network.  The American College of Emergency Physicians works with federal agencies to honor Emergency Medical Services (EMS) during the third week of May each year.

Wednesday was National Emergency Services for Children Day and focused on the roles EMS providers have in the care of children which is especially important in rural communities with more limited healthcare accessibility.

Bart Schulz, manager of Spring River Ambulance Service, explained the history of the local company. “Our service was founded in 1974, making it’s first run in March 1975, at the time, an all-volunteer service. We expanded to cover all of Sharp County in 2006. Our service also covers roughly one-third of Fulton County. We currently staff four, two-person crews at all times, strategically housed throughout the coverage area. These crews operate at the highest level of care available. It is our honor to serve the citizens of the area, and we will always provide the best care available.”

Emergency Medical Service professionals strive to be knowledgeable and available 24 four hours a day and are an integral part of what gives a community confidence that everything will be all right at the end of the day. Help is just a quick phone call away in a healthcare crisis.  Whether it be motor vehicle accidents, severe chest pain or broken bones, EMS and first responders can be relied upon to do their best…and quickly.

There where you need them, when you need them most.

Remember them this week. You never know the good that can be done with a simple “thank you,” kind word, or pat on the back.  Even a smile makes a difference and costs nothing. Of course, baked goods are always appreciated in a job where meals can be frequently interrupted.  Take the time to recognize EMS and first responders for their efforts.  Unseen until vital, they make a great difference in the lives they touch in the community.

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