Bearkatz Against Drugs (B.A.D) and sponsor Ms. Kristy Sanders are excited to announce that they recently received a $1,500 grant from Project Prevent for the upcoming school year in order to fund tobacco and nicotine education throughout their school and community. 

Project Prevent, housed at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, is the statewide youth tobacco prevention coalition in Arkansas. Its members consist of local chapters across the state that choose to live their lives free from tobacco and nicotine, and encourage others to do the same. 

Each year, Project Prevent awards a limited number of grants to schools and youth organizations throughout the state to support tobacco and nicotine prevention efforts in Arkansas. In order to be considered for funding, applicants must establish a “chapter” of student leaders and commit to completing a number of prevention projects by the end of each school year. 

The statewide Project Prevent Youth Coalition hosts monthly online meetings for chapters to network with one another and become aware of the most current data and trends regarding tobacco and nicotine. They use the information to educate their peers, community members, and local leaders. 

Project Prevent provides opportunities for youth each year including an Annual Conference and statewide projects such as My Reason to Write, Ready. Set. Record., and Drawing for a Difference. 

Project Prevent believes that youth have the power to change social norms and they will support what they help create. Arkansas ranks among the highest states in the nation for tobacco use, leading to multiple health complications. The statewide coalition provides young people with knowledge and support to combat tobacco and nicotine through three pillars: Prevention, Education, and Leadership. 

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