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Legend of the Black-Eyed Pea

By Mark Gordon, The Flatlander

Vigna Unguiculata…Cowpea… the Blacked Eyed Pea. The legend goes that when that devil, Sherman, pushed through the South, that this pea and the greens growing about were all that he left for the Southerners. The Cowpea was considered fodder and the greens they most likely didn’t recognize as a food source either. So… the luck comes from the fact that they were “lucky” enough to be left with something to eat and would indeed survive.

More importantly, they realized this and were thankful for it. Put the “Y” on “luck” and it kinda turns into the word “grateful.” Weird how that works. Anyhow… after the shite storm of a year we’ve had, many folk absolutely won’t be missing the tradition of eating these for luck and even more will overindulge, hoping it’ll help in the upcoming year…as it’s surely needed. To my older luck-seeking, cowpea eating friends…along with the rich source of calcium, magnesium, iron and assorted vitamins, this lowly pea is rich in oligosaccharides which will be actively fermenting inside your luck seeking bodies.

As funny as this can be, it, the release of ha, can no longer be trusted in middle age. The old toothless one, the barking spider, the pull my finger, the South Wind is far too dangerous these days and though should never, ever have, could, quite possibly, have lumps in it… so… go easy. I know right? Add the “Y” to what you’re seeking and be grateful for whatever you still got. Have a great and long weekend, love one another and be decent to folk that don’t really deserve it. -MG

Shared with permission. Mark is author of the Redneck Epicurious Cookbook, and can be followed at his Facebook page associated with the following link: https://www.facebook.com/MARKGORDONHIGHLANDER/posts/10218781081985694

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