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Mark’s toilet elixir – the Sasquat adventure

Today, when I went through Pocahontas, I decided to stop in and see Chad Overman at his cool store, American Made Store, where everything up in there is made in America. Sweet.

While I’m there, I’m looking around, cause I’m a serious kind a shopper, and I see a section with all these cool soaps, lotions and whatnot. He got some Duke Cannon solid cologne up in there for $20…that’s half what it is everywhere else. I can’t decide what smells best, and Robin ain’t with me, so I keep looking and then I run across these little body sprays.

I sniffed all of em…around 20 or better and I find this one with the bigfoot on it. Says it smells like “camping and living legends”. Robin loves camping so I’m thinking “Hell yea”. I didn’t have my spectacles on while I was in there so when I got up in my truck, I just opened it up and went to spraying. Robin Gordon’s not gonna be able to resist my big, good smelling sexiness.

I put my glasses on and see that it says “Toilet Elixir”… oh yea… I’m thinking this shite is like some Coco Chanel from Paris. I’m proud of my purchase. It’s smelling good up in this Chevrolet. I’m reading the details, once I got my bifocal sunglasses on, and I look hard at the name of the company and it says “Turdcules”… you know… like Hercules. Hmmmm…That’s funny that they’d put “turd” up in their name…I mean turds ARE funny and all but that’s still unique.

I read on a bit…and then again…and then a third time and then realize that this here Coco Chanel is actually for spraying after a poo. I ain’t sh*tting ya… that there’s evidently a thing. I got home and Robin said I smelled “interesting.”

I ain’t sure what that means exactly but I’ll let y’all know. I’m going back for that Duke Cannon stuff… it didn’t mention poo atall.

Check out Chad’s stores in Pocahontas and Brookland if your over that way. Y’all have a good evening, be kind and stay safe. -MG

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