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Large dog spay opportunity for tri counties

If you would like to get your large female dog spayed, the Martha Decker Memoriual Fund for Animals (MDF) would like to assist as funds allow. According to Julie Bacon, “We had many pet owners who could not get into our January clinic as it filled the very first day. Here is an option for those of you with large female dogs.” She is referring to a recent spay and neuter opportunity that took place in Hardy earlier in January 2022 when 174 pets were treated and highlighting MDF’s effort to make even more spays possible.

With it’s “Queen for a Day” program, intended to assist with “Spaying the Big Beauties of Izard, Fulton, and Sharp Counties,” the MDF reminds us, “According to the American Kennel Club, ‘Big dogs tend to have larger litters’ Nothing new there, right? ‘The cost to spay a large female is higher than the cost to spay a smaller sized dog.’ Again nothing new.”

“The MDF has been committed to helping spay dogs in the Tri-County area for years, offering vouchers to dog owners to help pay the cost of spaying. Queen for a Day, one of our current programs, zeros in on the Large Ladies of the Dog Breeds. We have vouchers of $100 toward the cost of spaying for any dog in the Tri-County area of Izard, Fulton, and Sharp counties over 70 pounds. Do you have a large dog, weighing in at over 70 pounds who needs spaying?”

Email the MDF at info@Marthadeckerfundforanimals.org for more info on how they can help with expenses related to spaying over-70-pound female dogs.

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