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Kindness rocks

The idea of the Kindness Rock Project originated with Cape Cod, Massachusetts resident Megan Murphy in 2015. It became a viral trend. People of all ages paint pebbles or cobbles and leave them for others to find and collect. Groups have formed worldwide and rock painting has exploded as an art form!

Fans of this art/hobby joke about it being addictive. Most rock painting artists will spend considerable time searching for that “perfect” rock for their project. Once finished, photos of the completed painted rocks are taken and shared on social media. Hints of where to find the treasures are commonly shared on Facebook groups. 

The works of art can be as simple or intricate as the artist wishes.

If one finds a kindness rock, it is customary to follow directions on the back about where to upload it to thank the artist who painted it. Artists enjoy watching their creations “travel ” on Facebook.

There are at least three groups in our area:

Cherokee Village Rocks has taken on a project in Town Center to make a rock garden next to the post office. It will be a place to share rocks that have been created for people to take and keep, hide, and re-hide for others to enjoy.

Cherokee Village Rocks is requesting assistance from interested folks in the community to complete the rock garden. Help can include moving, painting/sealing and placing rocks at the garden site.

Patricia Jones, project coordinator for the group said, “Our goal is to show kindness in our community, both to residents and our many visitors. We also want to add some color to areas of our Town Center and hope it brings a smile and enjoyment to all.”

If you would like to help with the creation of the rock garden contact Patricia Jones (870) 847-4727 or on Cherokee Village Rocks #chervillrocks leave a message in the comments and someone will contact you.

Rocks from a Cherokee Village Rocks rock painting class offering

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