On Wednesday, there were close to 30 additional bills filed and more than 20 bills advancing from committees.

On the House floor members passed the following:

SB6-This bill would ban abortions except those performed to protect the life and health of the mother.

HB1213-This bill amends code in regards to qualification process for a person charged with a crime to receive the services of a public defender. This bill defines an indigent person and requires the court to conduct a further analysis to determine if an individual qualifies for a public defender.

HB1433-This bill outlines transportation funding for the 2020-2021 school year for districts that need more than the foundation funding provided to all public schools.

HB1437-This bill concerns “Publish for Pay websites” or privately-owned websites that request or require the payment of a fee in order to remove a booking photograph from the website. The bill states the person responsible for removing the booking photograph from the website shall remove the photograph within five business days of receipt of a written request and not require payment of a fee for removing the booking photograph. It also states the website must post contact information.

HB1256-This bill defines a process for prosecutors and courts to consider when sealing criminal records. It also removes time spent in the Department of Correction as a reason not to allow a criminal record to be sealed.

The House will convene on Thursday at 1 pm.#franstaterep60

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