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Fran Cavenaugh’s Legislative Update March 12, 2021

The House wrapped up the 9th week of the 2021 Regular Session.

Members passed the following bills Thursday afternoon:

HB1633-This bill requires a city of first class to establish a city police department and provide the department with proper resources.

SB383-This bill states that the maximum campaign contribution level shall be established by rule of the Arkansas Ethics Commission.

SB127-This bill allows libraries to accept a debit card or credit card.

HB1416-This bill is intended to encourage home-based entrepreneurship. It outlines what restrictions local governments can and cannot place on home-based businesses.

SB118-This bill creates the Arkansas Public Service Internship Program. It will utilize graduate students and undergraduate students to perform duties for the cabinet-level departments of the state through which the students can obtain practical experience in state government responsibilities and operations.

The House will convene on Monday at 1 pm.#franstaterep60

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