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Fran Cavenaugh’s Legislative Update – March 10, 2021

More than 300 bills have been signed into law so far during the 2021 Regular Session.

The House passed more than 20 bills today including the following:

HB1429-This bill reduces the waiting period from after a parent or guardian withdraws his or her child from a school district to enroll to begin home-school. The waiting period is currently 14 days. This bill reduces it to 5 school days.

HB1512-This bill eliminates no-good-cause exemptions to the work requirement for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs. The bill does provide exemptions for an individual currently in foster care or residing in a domestic violence shelter.

HB1465-This bill states that a licensing entity shall consider the good moral character of an individual before issuing a license to the individual. It defines “good moral character” as a personal history of honesty, trustworthiness, fairness, a good reputation for fair dealings, and respect for the rights of others and for state and federal laws.

HB1522-This bill states that no person applying to be placed on a ballot for any public office shall knowingly provide false information with reference to his or her qualifications. It creates a misdemeanor offense for providing false statements by a candidate.

HB1323-This bill allows for the prosecution to display an in-life photograph of a homicide victim to the judge or jury.

HB1198-This bill allows a certified registered nurse anesthetist to operate in consultation with, but not necessarily in the presence of, a licensed physician.

SB155-This bill creates “Lila’s Law” which prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities regarding access to organ transplantation.

The House will convene on Wednesday at 1 pm.

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