The House entered the 8th week of the Regular Session on Monday.

Members passed the following bills on the House floor:

HB1464-This bill adds a provision to the Arkansas Code that allows parents to challenge instructional material, events or activities in public schools.

HB1389-This bill creates the Arkansas Foresters for the Future Scholarship Program. This scholarship will be funded by the State Forestry Fund.

SB287-This bill amends scholarship requirements for the Governor’s Scholars Program and the Arkansas High Technology Scholarship Program. This expands eligibility to migrants from the Compact of Free Association Islands (Marshallese) and to an individual or child of a person who holds a Federal Form I-766 Employment Authorization Document (work permit).

HB1462-This bill allows state-supported two-year and four-year institutions of higher education to designate a staff member as a homeless and foster student liaison. The liaison will help to inform prospective and current students who are homeless, in foster care, or who left foster care at 18 years of age or older about financial aid and other services that may be available.

HB1457-This bill creates “Paisley’s Law”. It allows parents of a stillborn child to claim an income tax credit in the amount of $500.

HB1488-This bill allows employees to file a Workers’ Compensation Claim for COVID-19 if the employee can prove they contracted the virus at their place of employment.

HB1004-This bill prohibits registered sex offenders from locations designed for aquatic activities. Currently, sex offenders are prohibited from public swimming pools. This bill seeks to clarify that splash pads and water slides are also prohibited.

The House will convene on Tuesday at 1 pm.#franstaterep60

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