The House has now wrapped up the 7th week of the 2021 Regular Session.

The House passed the following bills on Thursday afternoon:

HB1224-This bill establishes the State Crime Laboratory Student Loan Forgiveness Program. If law, this would allow pathologists to enter a probationary period with the State Crime Lab. After that probationary period, the lab could reimburse the pathologist $25,000 for outstanding student loans for a 2 year contract up and renew the contract for up to $100,000 per pathologist.

HB1137-This bill prohibits the performance of a pelvic examination on an unconscious or anesthetized patient without the prior consent of the patient. It provides an exception when a medical emergency exists and the pelvic examination is immediately necessary for diagnosis or treatment of the patient.

HB1215-This bill grants full practice authority to certified nurse midwives.

HB1254-This bill states the Arkansas Medicaid Program shall recognize an advanced practice registered nurse for all purposes as a primary care provider authorized to carry out the duties of a primary care case manager.

HB1023-This bill excludes certain school fundraisers from the sales tax laws regulation special events.The House will convene again on Monday at 1 pm#franstaterep60

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