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Food drive at Bill’s Cash Saver May 14

The Hardy Country Ladies EHC (Extension Homemakers Club) will be collecting items for the Hardy Food Room on May 14 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Bill’s Cash Saver [grocery store] which is located at 202 US-63 North, Hardy, Arkansas.

“All items collected will be donated to the Hardy Food Room. All donations, groceries, and moneys greatly appreciated. Help us fill the shelves to overflowing.” -The Hardy Country Ladies EHC. The EHC is trying to help because there are always people in the community who rely on food rooms when hard times unexpectedly hit.

Roberta Shankle, a Hardy resident involved with this endeavor writes, “Food insecurity in Arkansas continues to affect our community.” She urges shoppers to stop by on Friday and “Drop off your donations. Please share and get the word out. We are trying to make a difference”.

For those unfamiliar with the The Hardy Food Room that houses the donations, it is located at the Spring River Presbyterian Church, 151Wahpeton Hill Road, Hardy, Arkansas.

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