On January 25, 2024, the Sharp County Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of the Arkansas State Police, Arkansas Game and Fish, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, 3rd Judicial Drug Task Force, and the Jonesboro Police Department executed a search warrant on a property located on Hwy 56 outside of Evening Shade.
In August of 2023, an investigation was opened in reference ot two unidentified individuals moving an RV and an enclosed trailer onto a property owned by someone else. Deputies made contact with the individuals on multiple occasions to serve notice of eviction and warnings to leave the property. The individuals revealed themselves as members of a sovereign citizen group known as the Moorish National Republic. They provided documentation, which was a false legal document claiming the ground as sovereign property and they could not be forced to leave. Since August, the individuals built a permanent structure, dug a septic line, installed solar panels and began storing large amounts of water.
After several months of investigation, Detectives learned the Moorish group has been known to “defend their ground” through violence and have been linked to other violent offenses against Law Enforcement.

Upon execution of the Search Warrant, Officials located several documents claiming the Moorish National Republic. The individuals were discovered to be living “off grid”. They were taken into custody without incident however they have refused to identify themselves. Detectives believe they have discovered the identity but wil not release any names until the investigation is complete. During the investigation, the Male subject has identified himself as Saleem Yosiyah YisraEl. Multiple vehicles were on the property and had fictitious license plates linked to the sovereign citizen group. Several discoveries were made which shows evidence of crimes involving transactions across the United States appearing to be scams through the Postal Service and through the internet. Several thousand dollars of Iraqi currency was also located in envelopes. The items on the property were seized and secured by the Sheriff’s Office. We are also in communication with the FBI concerning the fraudulent documentation and other cybercrimes.
As I have promised, it is my goal as the Sharp County Sheriff to stop any crime being committed. In this case, domestic terrorism was prevented by the Sheriff’s Office and the other assisting agencies. This investigation is still ongoing at this time.

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