The EAST Initiative on Wednesday announced the opening of second round applications for consideration in awarding the Department of Secondary Education/Arkansas Department of Education-EAST Grant.

Startup funding is available for at least 10 new programs for the 2024-2025 school year in addition to the programs selected in December, said Tami Baker, EAST’s Director of New Program Growth. Funding from the grant will cover technology needed to install a full EAST classroom environment and the cost of professional development that is required in the EAST curriculum.

Arkansas schools considering implementation of EAST in the next school year should fill out the form found at Applications will be accepted until March 8.

“EAST is committed to providing practical, technology-driven education that prepares students for success beyond the school building,” EAST Chief Executive Officer Matt Dozier said. Pairing community service experiences with technology ensures that our students not only develop their technical skills, but that they also develop a deeper sense of responsibility to their communities and are invested in making positive change.”

During the 22-23 school year, EAST programs:

Collaborated with 1,285 community partners for more than 17,990 volunteer hours;
Realized an estimated economic impact statewide of more than $461,620 dollars through those volunteer hours;
And trained more than 7,610 students through 110 unique training opportunities both online and in-person.

EAST students are engaged and excited about learning. In a survey of more than 3,400 students across 42 schools, data showed that the EAST experience is 22% more engaging than other core courses. The survey was conducted through a tool called the Wellington Engagement Index (WEI). Created by educators, WEI was designed to measure student engagement, and to give administrators and teachers opportunities for reflection as they challenge students to solve real problems in their communities.

If you need assistance or have questions that need immediate attention, please reach out to Tami Baker with EAST at 501-472-7852 or [email protected].



About EAST: EAST is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Little Rock. Greenbrier High School first offered EAST in 1996; EAST now has programs in more than 250 schools across four states. Through EAST, students are encouraged to think critically and innovate to create positive change in their communities with the technology EAST provides for their classrooms. EAST offers year-round training to students; and professional development for EAST educators and for all classroom teachers through Education Unleashed. To learn more about EAST, visit

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