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Eclipse planning workshop

By Hazelle M. Whited, University of Arkansas Systems Division of Agriculture, Community, Professional & Economic Development, CREATE BRIDGES Regional Program Coordinator

The April 8, 2024 full eclipse, seems like it is so far way, but three years gives our rural communities time to start planning for what will be droves of people descending on our towns, especially the ones that are in the clear 100% totality of the Solar Eclipse.

CREATE BRIDGES has invited a consultant from Casper, Wyoming, to share her experience from the 2017 solar eclipse. From public services, police, EMS, accommodations, and of course tourist impact to businesses, now is the time for municipalities and private sector alike to begin planning.

Please plan to come join us on Tuesday, October 12 at 12 noon, at the Hardy Civic Center to get an early understanding of what will be a great opportunity for our communities. Let’s get ready now.

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