College versus Trade school

Tony Siebert Short, Sweet and to the Point

I’m going to be up front with this article and I have a pre-conceived opinion and I’m not going to try to hide it.

Let’s face it not everyone has the same abilities.  That’s a fact, so with that said college isn’t for everyone. So here is some free advice before you think about getting a college degree. Have some idea of what you want to do with your life.

The best way to do that in my opinion is to ask people employed in that job how they like it, how they got into that field, and was a college degree helpful and necessary?

This country is really in need of skilled employees like tool and die makers, welders, machinists, plumbers, electricians, and others like cabinet makers and other wood working trades.

The Tulsa Welding School in Oklahoma is well known around this great country of ours.  I’ve heard that Ozarka college now has a welding program. They used to have a truck driving program but decided to discontinue it.  I personally think that was a mistake because you could go through their course for a reasonable fee in a single semester and have a job the next day.  A job that could ultimately pay $80,000 or more per year and usually with full health benefits.

I have talked with many people who invested heavily in education and a large number of them regret doing it for a few common reasons.  One is the huge debt they have to repay. Another reason is their chosen field has been flooded by previous college attendees with the same degree. The third most given reason was they just can’t find a job because of the economy.

I’ve never talked to a graduate of a trade school who couldn’t find a job or who regretted going to a trade school.

A big plus for trade schools is that you often find a job before you graduate.

Some jobs do require college such as that of doctor, lawyer, officer in the armed forces, etcetera, but many don’t. Decide wisely.

So my friends I hope this article has provided food for thought on the college versus trade school debate. Until next time…

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Tony Siebert Short, Sweet and to the Point
As a teenager I worked in a couple of garages mainly as a gopher and tool washer, but also working on vehicles and building motorcycles new out of their crates. I joined the U.S. Navy, I learned electronics and traveled to exotic places. My family increased by two of the most amazing kids anyone could have. My lovely wife and I decided to open our own computer repair shop. Later I worked for the third largest computer company in the world...and then their competition.A careless driver in a full-size Bronco rearranged my life when she ploughed into more electronics. After 3 years of recovery, I rejoined the world. I wouldn’t trade my wife for anything. We took up truck driving and this career has lasted for decades. I've been a company driver as well as an owner operator. I now have time to invent, create, and experiment, and you'd be amazed the places a wide range of experiences can take you!