Its really important to care for our pets in the winter.  So many new challenges for them come with winter.  Here are few thoughts!


Just about any animal needs shelter from the cold and wind during winter weather. Wind can chill an animal quickly.  They’ll chill even more quickly when they are wet. Not all animals are house dwellers.  Keep in mind that some have to stay outside.

My Great Pyrenees was terrified of being inside.  She was too hot, or too cold, and acted like she was claustrophobic, seeking escape no matter how large the room she was in.  She had lived with other people in the past and I don’t know what experiences she’d had before she came to live with me, but there was no way she would transition as an indoor dog.  So, we had to make sure she had a dry, wind-reduced place where she could bed down during rough weather to be comfortable.


Plentiful, fresh, and clean.  Watch for mild, mildew, or spoilage for outside animals who may not clean up every scrap. 


In freezing weather, they’ll need you to make sure it isn’t iced over.  Change it frequently to keep it clean for dogs.  Everyone likes a fresh glass of water, right?


Keep in mind that pets will be seeking warmth during cold winter days.  Cats will lie on a warm hood and at times you may to watch for them in your car’s fender wells or even in the engine compartment?  They may also shelter behind tires.  Since many animals will cuddle up to a warm vehicle, it’s important to check to make sure no critter is going to interact with your vehicle in ways you’re rather not have happen.

There are also lots of great ideas in the article at the link below!


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