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Chocolate Dipped Walnuts


4 ounces walnut halves (pieces will work, but they will be harder to hold while dipping)

4 ounces dark chocolate chips

½ teaspoon sea salt


Place a piece of parchment paper on a tray or plate.  This will be the place you put dipped pieces to dry.  They won’t stick to the paper when you’re done.

Melt chocolate in microwave safe bowl for 45 seconds, stir.  It needs to be creamy, so it it needs a longer time, just be careful not to scorch it.  Add time sparingly till you reach that point.

Dip each walnut half in chocolate to coat half of the nut.  Place dipped piece on the parchment sheet with space between nuts.

Sprinkle sea salt over the pieces before the chocolate sets.  Place the nuts in the fridge to make sure chocolate sets in the quickest time.

Once the chocolate has set, the nuts can be placed in a container to gift giving or eating!  Keep them from heat and they will be room temperature stable.

If you would like to make a larger batch just double ingredients. for a double batch:

8 ounces walnut halves

8 ounces dark chocolate chips

1 teaspoon sea salt

This recipe was was developed by The Lemon Bowl and appears on Diamond of California’s website where more great nut recipes can be found. Quick and easy.

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