Heads up! Our web address is changing!

Starting April 27, the Cooperative Extension Service is moving to a new home on the internet: uaex.uada.edu. Be sure to update your bookmarks to continue finding the research-based information you’ve come to know and trust.

Why are we moving, you may be asking? This new URL reflects that the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is the home of our very own UAEX. You may not be as familiar with the name UADA, but extension and research land grants have been a part of the Division of Agriculture since 1959!

As we move forward with this domain change, please have patience as some links for our site may be broken. If you need to find something on our website, you can visit uaex.uada.edu and search for it in our search bar at the top of the page.

For more info on the UAEX domain change, check out uaex.uada.edu/domain

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