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Tower of London: England’s Ghostly Castle by Gail Blasser Riley

Juvenile Non-fiction book reviewed by Susan Funnell

This interesting book gives the history of the Tower of London from conception to current use. Published in 2007. It tells of the buildings that were added and those that were subtracted within the walls.

The tower was used for many things including a prison, the jewel house, and a mint. You will learn about the famous people who were beheaded on the tower grounds and of the ghosts that seem to still live there.

Beautiful full color photographs that will bring this book to life.

I really learned quite of bit about the tower that I did not know. Good book for children and adults.

[This book can be found at the Ash Flat Library, 11 Arnhart Drive, Ash Flat, Ark. 72513. Phone: (870) 994-2658.]

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