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Olivia Says Good Night

Written by Gabe Pulliam and Farrah McDoogle and Illustrated by Patrick Spaziante

Review by Susan Funnell

Another great Olivia book! This cute book is a story about Olivia and her brother Ian who have a read a book about a princess in the desert. They are inspired to build a tent just before bed, but they have to hurry and clean Olivia’s room first. The tent is built, but now it is time to go to bed. Will Olivia and Ian go to bed, or will they get to stay up and play? You will have to check out this book to find out.

One of my favorite things about the Olivia books are the illustrations. Patrick Spaziante illustrations are just alive with color. I think most young readers will like the Oliva series just to see what she will be doing next. This book would be for 1st and 2nd graders.

Come check the Oliva’s books at the Ash Flat Library

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