SHOUT-OUT….Hallmark Times…. …..@HallmarkTimes ….Is a Brand New Media/News Company….owned and operated By The One…The Only….Lauren Siebert….and today she is announcing a WAY COOL CONTEST… is as Follows……********************Hallmark Times****************Announcing the the Hallmark Times Arctic Blast Snowman Snowcase.

SNOW! Well it might be a four-letter word, but that’s okay because it can be a lot of fun, too. Hallmark Times will be sponsoring a contest this week in the spirit of snow, fun, and all the arctic air coming in.

How to enter: Using the snow coming in this week, build a snowman, animal or snow sculpture of your choice and post the photo here, with the category or categories you would would like to enter.

All entries must be submitted by Friday Feb. 19 at 5 p.m.

Photo guidelines, if possible: To make a good picture, remember that the idea is to capture the subject of the photo (the creation and the people or animals involved in the making of it) so it fills most of the frame. That way you have a great memento. Landscape style photos are preferred.

One winner will be declared in each of the following categories.


Made bkids ages 9-years-old and under.

Team-made snowman (a “team” can be a family, a police or fire department shift, church youth group, etc.).

Made bthose over65-years-old or older.

Traditional snowman.

Unusual snowman…or uh, creature.

Local Business.

You may enter more than one category, the same snowman can only win one category. By entering you agree that we may use your photograph for publication.

Prizes for this first year will be a print of the photo, a certificate suitable for framing and bragging rights.*****************************************************************we all know the snow is coming….and some may say they do not like the snow….but DEEP DOWN inside….we ALL LOVE tmake Snowmen… Snow People….Snow Creatures…and….Show Sculpture….well here is your chance to SHINE for all your friends to be jealous when you win….follow the above rules and guidelines and who knows….you might win….and we all know we LOVE Bragging Rights… Build It….get a Picture oIt….and Forward ItHallmark Times (and or Lauren Siebert)….and of course…Tell Them JOHN NORBERG Sent You….(p.s…..below picture is from Hallmark Times Facebook Page…wish I had thought of that one)….????⛄️❄️☃️

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