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Take them to church or raise them in Christ, what is the difference?

Take them to church or raise them in Christ, what is the difference?

When new parents have a baby, they find out quick just how difficult it can be to raise a child. It is an exceptionally long process that requires a lot of training for but there is only one course you can take and that is God’s Word. Sure, there are books you can buy to help, and mom and dad can help along with grandparents but for the long haul the all-time best seller is best, the bible.

It starts with parents taking the time to read the bible stories to their children at bedtime. Pray with them before they go to sleep. It is important to set the example of praying before meals. Your children should see the example of you reading your bible and studying God’s Word each day.

Then comes Sunday morning. I thought if I forced them to go to church on Sunday mornings with us they would learn to love Christ, get saved and follow Jesus all of their lives. I thought if I made them go to Wednesday night youth group the youth Pastor would lead them to Christ. I thought if I sent them to church camp every summer, maybe they would be led to Christ there. When my three children turned eighteen, they all turned their backs to God and stopped going to church altogether. What did I do wrong? What mistakes did I make? At 63 I know what I did wrong, but it was too late to raise them in Christ.

Leading your children to Christ, that is the parents’ responsibility, first and foremost. We cannot expect a Pastor of a church or a Sunday School teacher, who sees your child an hour or two a week, to raise them in Christ. My problem was I knew how to raise a child in church, but I failed to raise them in Christ. That is the difference!

I heard a story one time about a dad who took his son hiking. They came to a fork in the trail and the dad just looked at it not knowing which way to turn. Suddenly the dad heard these words from his young son. “Choose the right path dad, I am coming right behind you.” You see, the primary spiritual responsibility for raising your children does not belong to the church. It does not belong to Sunday School. It does not belong to a Christian School and sadly they will not learn about Jesus in public school because God is not welcome there, thanks to our government.

Parents, it starts at home. You have the most influence on your child by your words and actions than any other person on earth. It belongs to you. You be the Godly example. You be the Godly leader. Pray with your children. Love them to Jesus. Model to them what it looks like to follow Jesus. Your child is always watching you. If they see you yelling at your spouse all the time, then think about what they will do after they get married. If they witness you drinking alcohol every day, guess what, more than likely they too will consume alcohol as adults, if not before.

Little eyes watch and little ears listen to every little thing you do and say around them. They are like a sponge soaking in all of it. Will you fill your sponge with a godly example or just take them to church and expect someone else to lead them to Jesus? Do it right, you be the one. You be the difference.

Jim Everett

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