Sunny Side Up

By Jennifer L. Holm & Matthew Holm

Reviewed by Susan Funnell

For a graphic novel, I really enjoyed this book! I would recommend this book to a 3rd to 5th grade boy or girl. It was August of 1976 (Bicentennial year.) It was a very nostalgic book for me. I would have been around 13. It is about a ten-year-old girl, named Sunny who went to stay with her grandfather in Florida, while her family was working on some family problems.

Sunny is bored, of course, staying with her grandfather in a retirement community. She is concerned about her family. Sunny knows her brother is in some kind of trouble and is worried about him. She soon meets a boy named Buzz and they become fast friends. It tells about their escapades and things you might have done if you were a kid growing up in the 70s.

If you are a nostalgia buff, you would probably like to read this book along with your child and discuss it afterwards. It would be a good time to talk about quite a few topics such as drug abuse and growing up. For me it was all about the nostalgia, it brought back so many memories! The Polaroid camera, Pet Rock, and the Barbie macramé that held a roll of toilet paper, doesn’t get any better than that!

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