Spring is one of my most favorite seasons to be out photographing wildlife. You never know what type of offspring has dropped or how you will encounter them. An array of native species make themselves present at different times. It is my passion to search for these animals and bring the beauty that they offer to the viewing eyes of the world.

Around 90% of my time spent searching for subjects to photograph, I am behind the wheel of a car. I can cover a lot more ground and there is a greater chance of spotting something unique with all of the different terrains that are visited on my travels.

It is important to me to leave my subjects just as I find them. Respecting the wildlife I encounter is my top priority, and I find that it gives me a greater chance of seeing them again when I take my time and not get to close. Disturbing them in an area where they feel comfortable and protected can have a negative impact, so I try to exclusively take pictures from my vehicles window.

Sibling Juvenile turkey vultures, discovered under the root system of fallen oak tree. 
Juvenile Striped Skunk, wet from the morning dew, walks along a roadway, searching for breakfast.
whitetail fawn, bedded down, waiting on its mother’s return
 Baby Bobwhite Quail, perched on the top rail of a cattle gate.

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David Martin