The first snow of the season fell in the overnight hours of Dec. 29, a little more than a week after the first official start of winter.
According to National Weather Service forecaster Jeff Hood, while it may be pretty to look at, look while you can because the snow won’t be sticking around.

“This is the first snow of the 23/24 winter. This has been happening to the north of the area the last couple of days but we’re seeing the system get some legs and move to the southeast and as it does we’ll see that light snow,” Hood said. “That will be the general trend because temperatures started out in the mid 30s and may dip a little cooler but it won’t be much moisture and not a significant winter weather event. Just some light snow before it moves out of the area.”

Hood said the snow will move out for the weekend and lead into clear skies and average temperatures to ring in the new year.

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