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Reward for missing dog Radar’s return

On Saturday evening [Dec. 3, 202], Radar and his friend left the property where they were staying in Cherokee Village Arkansas. There is a reward for Radar’s return.

“Ok folks, we need y’all’s help. One of our fence gates got left open yesterday evening (Saturday), Radar and the black one decided to take off.” Dave Gruber related, “They were seen at about 5 or 5:30 pm last night [Saturday] on east/west Lakeshore area. The black one showed up at our house at about 5:30 am this morning but Radar is still missing,”Gruber wrote.

“If you have seen or see him, please contact me at (870) 847-4731 or David Woods at (870) 329-3459. We have been out driving roads all night and I guess we keep missing him since the black one did return. There is a $300 Reward for his return.”

Radar is a Belgian Malinois trained by Dave Gruber to be a Search and Rescue dog and is vital to the Sharp County team for searching for the lost in the Tri-County area. He looks like a thin German Shepherd with a dark face. He is friendly and curious.

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