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Ozark Gateway partners to hold scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Especially one where you can plan the adventure at home before exploring new places.

The Ozark Gateway team is partnering with Arkansas Tourism to invite members of our communities to participate in a year-long digital scavenger hunt.

This regional online game will be ready just in time for spring, and will be featured at Arkansas.com and since the game is all interactive, getting out and exploring will be even more fun.

The Gateway Region will have an app similar to a scavenger hunt or passport game, and players will be able to collect or earn stamps for every location they are able to visit.

Throughout the year, players will be able to visit up to 26 different locations scattered throughout the eight counties in the region.

Once a player visits a spot, they will get confirmation of their visit by taking a photo or checking in to the location.

The idea for this hunt is to encourage folks to get out and explore new places or visit places they haven’t been to in a while, and the more places visited, the more incentive there is for each player.

For example, there will be contests for most visited place and a photo contest.

Each time a visitor visits a location, they will gain entry to a grand prize drawing and the more photos shared socially, the better chance a person has to win.

The app will help players interact with each place they visit, and keep up with the amount of stamps they have gathered.

Since the game will be online, participants can also receive coupons to area businesses throughout the region. Some coupons could be a few nights lodging, lunch, show tickets and more.

For information about participating as a business with a coupon or details as they happen, head to ozarkgateway.com or call 870-793-9316.

Mark Martin Museum, Batesville, Ark.
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