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Tommy is willing to share his expertise and stories with us here at Hallmark Times. To ensure that he has space for his stories, we’ve given him his own column, so look for his stories and advice frequently!

If you don’t know Tommy Garner, here’s a little information about him:

Thomas A. “TomCat” Garner is an award-winning Journalist, television producer, editor, videographer, radio host and musician.

He has hosted the Ozarks’ #1 Live Outdoor Radio Show now Outdoors Live 2021 Addition with Tommy & Wanda, which has been continuously produced for 19 years.  Tommy is a Senior Board Member of Legends of the Outdoor National Hall of Fame.

He was an original cast member of The Discovery Channel’s Mini Series “Clash Of The Ozarks” that aired worldwide (the Discovery Channel has 1.8 billion subscribers in 224 around the world and Clash Of The Ozarks has aired and is still airing in many of these countries).

Tommy has been a guitarist for Harvey Jett, former Lead Guitarist of Legendary Southern Rock Band Black Oak Arkansas

Mr. Garner makes his home in north Arkansas on the Spring River along with Wanda L. Garner who is also a television producer, outdoor writer, television and radio host and mom to 8 wonderful children.

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