AGFC plan to double hunting/fishing license fees considered by Arkansas Senate

Tommy Garner will be discussing AGFC's plan to double fees on OUTDOORS LIVE 2021 Monday, April 5, at 1 p.m.

So the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has decided that you need to pay twice as much to hunt and fish in Arkansas (see related article link below). What are your REAL feelings on this? We will be discussing this on OUTDOORS LIVE 2021 Monday on kkountry95 95.1 FM at 1 pm.

In reading the article, I realize that there are some problems which should be addressed to keep our lake dams, boat ramps and other things in good condition. I do have an opinion that there is misuse of funds being used for other projects for which it was not intended AND I have a serious issue with being called a Customer by the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission. They work for me. I am the grocery store, gas station and other businesses customer but I AM NOT AGFC’S customer!!!!!!! Folks, friends and neighbors, tax payers in Arkansas the AGFC works for US!!! WE ARE NOT THEIR CUSTOMER. TomCat…/higher-fees…/….

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