The National Weather Service at Little Rock reports, ” It makes sense that central and southern Arkansas got the most snow from February 14th through the 18th. That’s where moisture was the most abundant and the heaviest liquid precipitation was found.”

“Well here is something you don’t see everyday here is Arkansas. This is the national snow depth map from earlier this morning. Notice that large swath of blue over the state, what a crazy week of weather.”

“ALL-TIME SNOW RECORD TIED AT ADAMS FIELD… the 6 AM CST snow depth at Little Rock Adams Field was measured at 15 inches, which ties the all time record snow depth for Little Rock from 21 January 1918. This snow depth total includes both winter storms.”

“Adding it all up, and watching rulers disappear into the ground, there was a ridiculous amount of snow in a two storm event from February 14th through the 18th. Parts of central and southern Arkansas picked up one and a half to two feet of powder. You’re right…holy cow!”

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