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Noir by Christopher Moore

Book Review by T. E. Hill

Do you ever, while reading a book, laugh out loud?  I do, and it drives my wife nuts.  I do enjoy humor and reading funny books.  Christopher Moore specializes in humor, satire, and sarcasm and has written funny books about Shakespeare, life and death, and religion.  I laugh out loud at passages in all his books, but he can be funny sometimes and insulting in others, which is probably why I like most of his books, but not all.  Its humorous when he talks about the other guy but not so funny when he talks about me.

Noir, despite the name, is not about a hardboiled detective, but a bartender and his wild girlfriend.  It is set in 1947 in San Francisco, and the bartender is trying to stay out of trouble, but he and his girlfriend also become involved with an alien “moonman”, Chinese drug dealers, lesbian madames, and government agents who are so secret they don’t know who they are or what they are doing.  There is plenty to laugh at and plenty to be disgusted by no matter who you are. 

I enjoyed reading this book as I have the other Moore books I have read.  He has written funnier ones, to me, but this one is a good one.  I recommend it when you need cheering up and when you are taking yourself too seriously. 

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