Izard County Consolidated has shared the schedule for the Might Mite Jamboree to be held in Melbourne Aug 28 beginning at 10 a.m. Teams fro all of the area schools will be participating.

The Mighty Mites program is designed the impart skills and develop talents of children younger, teaching not only the rulse of the game but sportsmanship and edication. Developing these skills and traits earlier athletes to have experience understand the rules and develop an appreciatioon for the game before entering high school sports.

ICC Mighty Mites preparing to the Jubilee and learning from coaches.

Games in this tournament will include third through sixth grade students and will take plac on th game fields and practice fields, and possibly the softball field at the Melborne School District’s ball fields.

Third grade teams are from West Plains, Missouri; Highland, Salem, Melbourne, Ark, Schools.

Fourth grade teams from: Include Highland, Thayer, west plains and Salem.

Fifth grade teams will be from West Plains and Thayer, Missouri, and Highland and Salem. Ark.

Sixth grade teams will be from West Plains and Thayer, Missouri, and ICC, Salem,Highland, and Melbourne, Ark.

According to MightyMiteFootball.org, “The Mighty Mites Program endeavors to provide interested girls and boys with the proper training in the basic fundamentals of football and the opportunity to play with participants of their own age and size. The program strives to teach the participants good sportsmanship and fair play.

“The Mighty Mites program is for children in grade school, from the first grade through the sixth grade and who will not reach age 13 in 2021. However, in certain situations, a child may not be permitted to play without approval of the Mighty Mites board of directors. This approval shall under no circumstances be given to any child having exceeded the maximum age, whose size, weight, and other factors exceed the average sixth grader in these respects; or to any child younger than a first grader.”
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