Masks, glasses and winter

So, today. And realistically the last several days since the north decided to shoo their cold our direction. Visibility has been even further decreased for the visually challenged.

Wearing a mask doesn’t get me up in arms. In fact, this winter, as far as keeping frost bite off my honker it’s been kinda nice, but it’s a two-edged sword.

Attempting to do the simplest of tasks in any public place…and I do mean simple like…seeing…walking…reading…now has the feel of an Olympic sport or like a game of pin the tail on the donkey “don’t knock over that display” edition.

Today, like most others, I walk into the store, I can usually sprint or saunter a good 40 feet before visibility is impossible.

I make it through the starting gate and run toward the nearest cart as larger objects are more noticeable, and I’m less likely to be hit unless it’s by another visually-impaired and similarly-situated individual.

I grab my cart, and then I hold onto it for dear life like it’s some sort of shield or anchor that is gonna save me.

Meanwhile, Southern courtesy kicks in and polite people keep telling me to go ahead as they yield. I am yielding because all I can see is the White Out of 2021 with a fog that would put any lighthouse to shame trying to bring a ship safely to shore.

So I’m standing there and there is this super nice elderly man, trying to use every ounce of manners. And he stands there. Now…I can’t make out a single detail other than his lime green shirt and what must have been a hat–or maybe he was a astronaut.

I hear another voice go “ma’am, are you okay?” Meanwhile, I’m in my strong hold position waiting to be able to see again.

“Ma’am, can I help you find something?” 
Yea… my vision I say in my mind. “Oh, no thanks,” I say out loud.

Another visually challenged person has joined my side by this point and it probably looked like we were either waiting for the flag to drop, or we were about to play a game of shopping cart red rover.

So, someone else who could relate says “I just take mine off until they thaw.”

I’m like, “Oh, ha hah. I’m just gonna stand here for a moment longer,” because truthfully; without my glasses I am more visually impaired than with a fogged up pair.

In the midst of all these new inventions, you would think, there would be like self heating glasses. Kinda like seat warmers but for your face.

So to all you visually impaired, similarly-situated folks out there. I feel your pain.

To you perfect 20/20 vision folks. Nah….we haven’t had a stroke, we just can’t see ????????

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