Love. There is no better chapter in God’s Word to describe love than 1 Corinthians 13. It is short, with only 3 chapters and only 13 verses. Powerful explanation of love and the importance of love in everything we do. 

Paul made it very clear, crystal clear, that without love we are nothing. Love is a must-do. It is not optional in God’s Word. Throughout His Word, He commands us to love one another. God does not allow excuses for not loving someone. Love demonstrates patience and kindness to others. Love is not envious, boastful, or proud. It never dishonors someone. It is not self-seeking, and it is not easily angered. It never keeps a record of wrongs against it. Love will never delight in evil, and it rejoices at the sound of the truth. Love protects, gives hope, trusts, and perseveres. It never fails.

God’s love for us, even in our sins, put His son Jesus on the cross to be crucified for our sins. Faith, hope, and love, which is the greatest? Love is.

We all know someone in our lives that we just cannot find a way to love them. Sadly, it is usually someone in the church body. I am guilty of this myself. Why is that? God clearly commands us to love one another. I do not get a pass on this; we do not get a pass on this. It is not optional for me to not love that person or any person for that matter. It is a heart issue for me. I must find a way to love them and set aside any wrongs I may have felt so I can honor God by being obedient to His Word. It is an obedience issue. God did not make love a gray area. Love one another is all, everyone. No exceptions!!!

Jim Everett

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