Important Izard bus route information for Feb. 22

School bus graphic

???? Monday’s Bus Routes ????We will be in school (on campus) on Monday, February 22, 2021. Buses will run mainly paved roads only, with the following instructions:

* Greg Workman’s bus will not run Campground Rd or Johnsonview East. He will pick up students at Oxford Baptist Church from 7:05-7:10 and then down Highway 9.

* Marty McKnight’s bus will run all paved roads that are safe to travel on his route at his discretion.

* Willie Moser will run all paved roads that are safe to travel at his discretion and will also pick up students at the Diamond B Mall from 7:10-7:15.

* Tim Crouch’s bus will run Wideman Rd from Oxford to Highway 56 and then to the high school campus.

* David Jones’ bus will be at Franklin Store from 7:00-7:20 to pick up students.

* Tony Booth’s bus will run regular route.

* Coach T’s bus will not go to J Bar J, but will run the rest of his regular route.

* Coach Massey and Liz Williams’ buses will not run their regular route.

* The afternoon routes will be the same as the morning routes. Drop-off times will be 3:20 at the Oxford Baptist Church, 3:35 at the mall, and 3:25 at the Franklin Store.

Further discussion on this information can be found at:

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