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IC bus driver appreciation

ICC Bus Drivers,Thank you for all you do to get our students to and from school safely! Thank you for delivering meals, homework, Chromebooks and anything else our students need to thrive. Thank you for the extra time you spend sanitizing the buses and taking extra measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. Most of all, thank you for showing our students that you care about them. We would not be the school district we are if it weren’t for you, our incredibly dedicated school bus drivers!

Daily Route Drivers: Tony Booth, Sarah Burns, Tim Crouch, David Jones, Tim Massey, Marty McKnight, Willie Moser, Connie Pate, Jennifer Pate, Dennis Thielemier, Liz Williams, Greg Workman. Substitute Drivers: Toby McCurley, Billy McBride, Isaac Blankenship, Jared Humphrey, Kyle McCandlis, Jared Johnson, David Harmon, Kelli Orf, Fred Walker.

We appreciate ALL of you!!!

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