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Hallmark Times Arctic Blast Snowman Snowcase winners

The Hallmark Times Arctic Blast Snowman Snowcase coincided with the snows during Valentine’s Day week 2021. We wanted to share the amazing creativity and craftsmanship demonstrated by the entries with you here.


  • Best Snowman Made by a Kid/Kids Under 9 Years of Age
  • Best Team-Made Snowman (a “team” can be a family, a police or fire department shift, church youth group, etc.)
  • Best Snowman Made by those Over 65 Years of Age
  • Best Traditional Snowman
  • Most Unusual Snowman…or uh, creature
  • Best Snowman made by a Local Business
  • Best Individual-Created Snowman

We added a Grand Champion. The judges felt that this snowman really captured the spirit of the event best. There was cheer and creative use of materials. The optical illusion in the photograph also lets your decide whether its a traditional snowman or a cat snowman. See the ears? Regardless, this mother-daughter duo did a great job!

Carol A.Vonk’s Mother Daughter Play Day Snowman became the Hallmark Times Arctic Blast Snowman Snowcase’s Grand Champion

Tobi Lynn submitted this pic of a snowman created by this cutie who is under nine years of age. Looks like she’s pretty pleased with the outcome! Well done!

Tobi Lynn’s entry Winner of the “Under 9” category

Diana Dunlop nearly looks like she creating some mischief and maybe a little magic with her Mardi Gras snowman. The entry was provided with photos of an outfit change! What a different look a few items created! Fun, fun! Diana, the judges just loved your snowman! Thanks for entering.

Diana Dunlop’s snowman had two wardrobe changes in Mardi Gras spirit to win “Traditional Snowman”
Mardi Gras snowman.
Peggy Parker says “Dang snowman won’t bother me any more” to win “Over 65” Category

Let’s not ever make Peggy Parker real mad…she says “Dang snowman won’t bother me any more.” And we’ll bet he won’t! Very clever entry, Peggy!

Jeannie Osborne’s yard has something odd going on…Snow Aliens…Mogul Monsters? We don’t know, but whatever it is, it gets her the award for the Most Unusual Snowman! The pic is a little grainy, but that’s often the way with spy photos of alien life forms.

Jeannie Osborne’s Snow Aliens
Temprence Knight and Tori Vega.
Tori Vega, the Snowman

Temprence Knight and her dad, Billy, won the best “Team-Made Snowman” award.

Lots of talented people made snowmen for the Hallmark Times Arctic Blast Snowman Snowcase making this a successful event. The important thing was that they got out and had fun alone or during family time in the snow. We are really excited that they chose to enter the contest and share their masterpieces with us! We’d like to send a “Thank You” to each and every one involved. You’re bringing smiles to the community!

The business category was won by Todd and Paris Conforth, who helped with construction. The Conforth family has TNT Gymnastics Academy and created this lovely traditional snowman ready for sledding.

Todd and Paris Conforth’s TNT Gymnastics Academy snowman. Ready and athletic enough to go sledding.

In the ‘Individual’ category, Leah Brown brings us this happy blonde. She looks like she’s got arms wide open welcoming all the fun she can hold! Great work, Leah!

Leah Brown’s traditional snowman.

Brinda Israel reported issues with dry snow earlier in the week, but she persevered to being us a work of art worthy of an honorable mention. Thank you Brinda for making it happen! We are really proud of you. Hmmm, does this look like anyone you know?

We wanted to include one more snowman as an honorable mention. Here is a deck rail rider from Patty McCord. Snuggled into a warm scarf, but hanging out on an ice block pedestal, chances are you won’t find a more “cool character!”

Patty McCord’s on-the-fence entry.

Congratulations to all the entrants and the winners in each division for participating in the Hallmark Times Arctic Blast Snowman Snowcase. Our hats are off to you.

The community needs uplifting events that people can participate in safely. By entering, you were able to be creative and have some fun, but since we’re publishing your work we hope to not only spread the word of your accomplishments, but help you bring cheer to others, as well.

The entrants mentioned here will receive a photo and certificate suitable for framing. They will have bragging rights for their wins until the next running of the Hallmark Times Arctic Blast Snowman Showcase (if Mother Nature cooperates).

So we have to ask, what do you plan to create for next year?

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