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From the Mayor of Cherokee Village – September 2021

We continue to deal with COVID-19.  The recent increases of virus cases in the community due to the Delta variant have brought disruptions to many families.  It is evident in order to curb the spread having yourself vaccinated is extremely important.  To deter the growth of COVID-19 and prevent our friends and neighbors from becoming infected taking that step to be vaccinated is a prudent thing to do.  Otherwise, you must consider wearing a mask and remaining in social distance to protect yourself and family.

Recently, Cherokee Village along with other cities in the immediate vicinity held an e-waste recycling event.  A trailer was provided for residents to deposit electronic items for recycling.  On August 26, four trailer loads of electronic waste items were hauled from our City Hall parking lot to the Tri-County Recycling Center for further action.  Later in the Fall, the city will conduct a curbside pickup of items to be transported to the area landfill.  More information on this event will be posted on the city Facebook page which will include the date and what items are acceptable for pickup by our city workers.

Last week the City Council voted to approve a lawsuit settlement in the Kronkosky vs SID, City of Cherokee Village, American Land Co. et al.  The settlement must be approved by the judge assigned to the case before it becomes finalized.  That decision may take a month before it is rendered.  The segment of the settlement which directly affects the city concerns the contract between SID and the city.  This contract provided for monthly payments to the city which helped fund both the Fire and Street Departments.  For the remainder of the year these payments will be cut in half and at the end of the year the contract will be null and void.  The monies paid under this contract provided for 40% of the Street Department budget and 64% of the Fire Department budget.

Thus, for 2022 the city must analyze what can be done in order to continue to provide essential services to our citizens with this loss of revenue.  Under my direction a task force will be formed to be chaired by Rob Smith, a member of City Council.  They will be studying our financials, personnel requirements, and essential service needs.  Ultimately, they will make a report and recommendations to the City Council so we can enter into 2022 with a plan to remain solvent as a city plus continue to provide the needed services to our citizens.  The answers will not be forthcoming overnight, nor will they be without some sacrifice.  But we will strive to move forward for betterment of the city as a whole.

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This material was submitted by a member of the community, and Hallmark Times would like to thank them for sharing with us!
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