The virus is not going away and being vaccinated is an important step in reducing the number of cases.  The active case count for both Fulton and Sharp county has been the highest since we began dealing with COVID-19 and the same is true for our city.  It behooves us as responsible citizens to take the necessary steps to decrease the growth of this disease.  If we are ever going to return a life we enjoyed before 2020; we must do what is necessary to not only protect our individual health but the members of our community.  Granted not everybody dies from the virus but if persons become ill and are unable to function or work it affects us all.  We are currently experiencing this in our economy with shortages that stemmed from plants closing or staff reductions.  Let’s all do our part and keep things moving and still remain safe and healthy.

We are still in need of an organization or a group of people to handle a month of recycling beginning in 2022.  As mentioned previously, a local group has dropped from the recycling roster and if we are to continue with the program, help is needed.  Please contact City Hall at 257-5522 if interested in helping out.

I hope everybody enjoyed the 4th of July celebration here in Cherokee Village.  The pancake breakfast sponsored by the Fire Department had its largest turnout and they are extremely appreciative of the attendees and the additional donations that will benefit the department.  Also, special thanks to the A&P Commission for sponsoring the fireworks display over Lake Thunderbird and to our police department working traffic control that evening.  Independence Day was made even more enjoyable due to the great weather we had that weekend.

The city has added some new employees in Animal Control, Fire and Police Departments plus in the Planning and Zoning office.  We welcome Reuben Beechum in Animal Control, Myles Clem as a firefighter, Anthony Wiles and Richard Crowe as police officers, and Angela Herndon as Administrative Assistant in Planning and Zoning.  The city will receive funds under the America Rescue Plan which has definitive guidelines limiting on how that money may be spent.  We are waiting for answers to our spending questions before we expend these funds.

As it has been extremely hot this past week and we may experience more before the summer ends; please observe caution when working outdoors in this heat.  Also, keep hydrated and have a place to cool down as being a victim of heat exhaustion or heat stroke is not something you want to experience—don’t overdo it.

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