The Arkansas State Police is investigating an incident after a Highland firefighter was injured during an incident Monday Jan. 8, near Casey’s gas station.

According to Highland Fire Chief Josh Moore, the department was working a traffic accident along side law enforcement and other emergency services when a vehicle turned from a side road onto the highway, striking one of the firefighters in the process.

Monday night we had a firefighter hit on the highway while directing traffic. We want to remind everyone when there is an accident scene to please be careful,” Moore said.

Moore said the firefighter was later released and is now home recovering from injuries sustained by the accident.

“The vehicle had come off of a side street and turned on to the Highway to avoid all the congestion. We had a lot of vehicles with lights out there so it was a challenge to see, but we just encourage everyone to be cautions when they see emergency vehicles working a scene,” Moore said.

The investigation is ongoing and no further details are being released at this time.

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