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Comfort Keepers launches second annual Silver Tree Project

Comfort Keepers Ministry Inc is rolling out its second annual Silver Tree Program which will provide a gift box to more than 70 senior citizens. 

According to President of the organization, Lauren Siebert, several partnerships have taken place to make the project come together.

“Last year, when Covid hit, we saw a lot of isolation and loneliness, especially for our seniors. There were countless stories and personal experiences for almost everyone. No hugs from children or grandchildren, they were urged to stay home as much as possible and told to social distance. That is a hard thing to face,” Siebert said. “We wanted to come up with a way to let our area seniors know they were being thought of. So, we did.”

Siebert said the Silver Tree is not just for seniors in need, but for those who could use a reminder someone is thinking of them and that they are being remembered.

“In the boxes, there are items that are useful and items that are for fun. There was a lot of confusion from some of the recipients last year. The baskets were given out through a nomination process and some of the seniors when we delivered the boxes would say ‘give it to someone more in need’ or ‘I am only one person, I can do with less’. That kind of broke my heart,” Siebert said. “But when they were told it wasn’t about needingmaterial things, but rather just a kind gesture from someone to let them know they were being thought of, the entire conversation changed. It went from what some of them seemed to think was a ‘handout’, to being seen as a gift and it was a beautiful thing.”

As with all Comfort Keepers Ministry projects, partnerships make it possible, whether a partnership with the community or community organizations.

“Last and this year, the Peach Lutheran Church in Cherokee Village is an amazing partner. They not only give us a place to put the boxes together, but they put up a tree and members of the church take an ornament with an item listed and go buy items and help put the boxes together,” Siebert said. “This year, The Cozy Nook is also gathering items and Sharp Office Supply donated the boxes for us to use and the Highland Elks Lodge presented us with a grant earlier this season to help make it happen. There are also many individuals who have contributed financially or with their time and talent to help us get in position.”

Nominations are being accepted now until Dec. 10 for the Silver Tree and can be submitted by contacting Lauren Siebert.

“If someone would like to nominate a senior, I need the person’s name, address and phone number. We will deliver the boxes before Christmas. To nominate, just call, text or send me a Facebook message. Make sure I respond so you know I got the nomination,” Siebert said. “We are currently shooting to make 75 boxes but if we have more nominations that that, we can make more until we run out of resources for the project.”

To contact Siebert, call or text 870-373-1233 or send her a message on Facebook.

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Lauren Siebert
Lauren Siebert
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