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Comfort Keepers kicks off 7th annual Warm Homes Project

Comfort Keepers Ministry Inc., is kicking off its 7th annual Warm Homes Project which will provide firewood and heaters to families in need this winter.

“We have been really blessed with some amazing partners this year. B&B Supply in Highland was a partner last year and has partnered with us again this year to make it possible for us to purchase heaters to be given out. In total, we were able to get 50 heaters, the majority of which were sponsored by B&B,” Lauren Siebert, president of the organization said. “Another great partnership is with the Veterans Outreach Program (VOP) in Fulton County who are partnering with us to make sure we have firewood, and they were also a great partner last year.”

Since its inception in 2014, several hundred heaters have been given out to citizens in Sharp, Fulton, Izard and Lawrence Counties and approximately 10 ricks of wood were given out to families during the 2020 winter.

“Last winter was a brutal one. We had quite a bit of wood, but when we ran low, Cully Parr with the veteran’s program in Fulton County and his team delivered more to us right before the second round of snow and ice,” Siebert said. “Several area law enforcement officers were able to utilize us as a resource to help families in need that they had come across while working which I think is a true sign of serving the public.”

Although resources are limited, the program serves as a long-term solution to a short-term problem.

“The whole purpose of the projects we do, whether it is heaters and firewood, fans or swim lessons is to create long term solutions to short term problems. Although extreme heat and cold may feel like they will last forever, thankfully we have four seasons in Arkansas. The firewood will burn, but the heaters can be used for several years as can the fans,” Siebert said.

Siebert noted the firewood was added as a project expansion approximately three years ago after finding many senior citizens were unable to get wood due to fixed incomes or lack of availability or in a few rare instances, had paid cash and not received the wood they had ordered.

“This is something I knew we could do something about. We are not trying to take business away from those who cut wood to make extra money for the winter, and in the past we have purchased wood from local cutters when we were able,” Siebert said. “We do know however that sometimes you need a little wood to get you though until what you ordered has been delivered, or something unexpected has come up and quite frankly, no one should have to be cold when there is something we as a community can and are doing about it.”

None of the projects undertaken by Comfort Keepers Ministry would be possible without the generous support of the community and Siebert said she is thankful.

“It really just wouldn’t happen on this scale. In 2014, it started with three heaters given to us by John Norberg and Rob Smith after I put a post out on social media. Now here we are seven years later, a 501(c)(3) with an awesome board of directors and great community partners just trying to find the needs and fill them the best we can,” Siebert said. “This community has so many amazing organizations who work year-round to change lives for the better and we are grateful for their existence and that upon occasion, we can help them complete their missions.”

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