As the weather warms, many turn their thoughts toward gardening, fitness and health. The Cherokee Village Swim for Health Club (Swim Club) is offering a discount for a limited time to new and returning members who join the club and want to improve their health.

During the special, President Pamela Meridith said dues are half off the regular price and are just $10 for new and returning members until April 20, 2024.

“During the winter months, we have access to the Cherokee Village Townhouse Pool and there are classes every Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. and again at 5 p.m., so that people have some flexibility for when they would like to come and exercise,” Meridith said. “In the summer months, we continue to use the townhouse pool, but we also have access to an outdoor pool at the Thunderbird Rec Center.”

Once a member has joined the club, there are additional dues which are to be paid for the use of the pools. According to Ed Soja, President of the Cherokee Village Town House Association, the rate to utilize the pool is $35 per month and the rate will not go up in cost this year.

Meridith says the club is a great way to make new friends and that there is something for everyone, whether you’re just beginning, or have been using water as a form of exercise for decades.

For beginners, there are teams who lead workouts and can help those participating perfect their form and use best practices to prevent injury, especially when recovering from surgeries.

“We don’t have ‘teachers’ because no one is certified to ‘teach’, but we do have group leaders. Everyone is very accommodating, and they will help anyone who has questions or might need some advice if they’re just starting out. I will say the workouts are simple and we use Licensed Water Aerobic Exercise Programs which are on a CD or we will download content to be used,” Meridith said.

Anyone over 18-years-old is welcome to join the club and Meridith said for those who may be trying to recover their health, the Swim Club is a perfect place to start.

“Everybody there is out to be healthy, we’re all senior citizens and we want to go forward with this. The club has been around since the 1980s and we want to keep the Swim Club going and everyone wants to be able to have that form of exercise,” Meridith said. “Medically, any doctor will tell you, especially joint related, knees, shoulders.. water aerobics is good for you. We have many success stories, but one in particular, I was speaking with a member who said that this has saved his life. He said he’d be in the hospital or nursing home if it wasn’t for water aerobics. He had a major surgery but because it is low impact and warm water, it gave him encouragement and he says he feels like a new person.”

During the summer months, members of the Swim Club will have the opportunity to continue to swim indoors at the townhouse pool or may swim outside at the Thunderbird Rec Center.

According to SID manager Betsy Waugh, to use the outdoor pool, for those who own SID property, the fee is $3.00 per visit, or a swim pass may be purchased for $40 for the three-month swim season. For non property owners, the fee is $5.00 per visit with a guest pass or $75 ($25 a month) for the three month season.

Meridith said whether members choose to swim indoors or outdoors, there are leaders at both locations during the established times.

“We try to keep it as upbeat, positive as possible and encourage each other, people have become good friends. During the summer we have several different groups and time frames to accommodate more individual needs. Different group leaders have different methods and it’s personalities as well,” Meridith said.

The club holds two formal meetings each year, once in April and once in September, but those interested in joining do not have to wait for a formal meeting to join.

To learn more, contact Pamela at 870-844-5626. You may also visit the Cherokee Village Swim for Health Club Facebook Page and join the group or you may come to the Townhouse Pool in Cherokee Village during class hours and fill out a form on location.

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