New blessing itty bitty blessing boxes have appeared in Spring River country after Sharp County resident Christina Curry felt compelled to create a box specifically for area children.

“I was down at the park in Hardy with my kids, Loberg Park and I saw some children there that were inappropriately dressed for the weather. They were wearing long sleeve shirts, jeans and shoes that were falling off them,” Curry said. “I have always been very frugal and wanted to do something about it. So, I thought about a blessing box and doing clothes instead of food.”

Curry said the box would make it possible for a child playing at the park to have access to cooler clothing in the summer or warmer clothing in the winter if needed.

“This way, the kids at the park, if they were wearing hot clothes or shoes that weren’t working for them anymore, they could get clothes from the blessing box and go about their day. Building materials are high and it was suggested to use newspaper stands. Areawide Media donated newspaper boxes to me for the project,” Curry said.

After renovating the boxes, they have been placed at LobergPark.

“We put some clothes in one of the boxes and have sizes from toddler to about a 10-12 or 14 even. I’ve got some shoes in there as well. I also added some books and some feminine products that are at the top just in case they are needed,” Curry said.

Although many area blessing boxes do offer various products, including food, items for all ages and the occasional appliance or kitchen item, Curry said she would continue to keep her boxes geared toward children and make articles available to them.

“The boxes will be monitored, and we want to make sure nothing is put in those boxes that don’t belong and is not child appropriate, so the more eyes we have on it, the better. I am working out the donation part of it because the box is so small. We must do it a specific way. Currently, I have everything in Ziplock bags and sectioned out by size. If we can keep it that way, then everything will fit,” Curry said.

Curry said her contact information is located on the front of the box. If anyone is interested in donating, they may contact her and if they would prefer to donate directly into the box, she will provide instruction on best practices.

“I don’t want people to just put things directly in the box. Donations are welcome, but we are trying to keep it organized and keep up with what we do and don’t have,” Curry said.

Any items donated should be new or gently used and clean.

“I firstly want to thank God. This is not something I want to do out of pride or selfishness. This is something I feel is a need that should be met in the community. Each of us, as Christians, need to do more. We have to do something and to live our lives daily for others,” Curry said.

In addition to the children’s blessing box, Curry has also placed a second box that contains non-perishable food items.

For more information, contact Christina Curry at 276-207-4907.

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