Book Review by T. E. Hill

Thrillers and exciting mysteries are some of my favorites; I read them all the time.  So, I expect to read about cops, private detectives, spies, and special forces operatives defeating the bad guys and saving the world.  But forest rangers?  Joe Pickett, C. J. Box’s serial hero, is a forest ranger in Wyoming, with a wife and kids, who is a by-the-rules type of guy. Yet, he regularly gets into trouble with all kinds of evil doers ranging from local poachers to the governor of the state. 

And, just as unexpectedly, Below Zero is not about the weather.  In this episode, Joe struggles with an adopted daughter he thought had died but has come back to life, a terminally-ill Chicago crime boss, a neurotic climate-change environmentalist, a status-driven FBI agent, and a poacher known as the Mad Archer.  Joe is ably assisted by Nate Romanowski, his falconer buddy, who is the hardcore hero you expect to find in a thriller.

Box keeps the action fast paced and exciting.  And, at the same time, Joe Pickett suffers the emotions of a father, husband, and honest man caught in the midst of conflict with the bad guys threatening his family and his livelihood.  Below Zero brings these conflicts together in an exciting story of a simple man holding onto his family while saving the world.

This book is available as an e-book through our Libby app at the Ash Flat Library, Ash Flat, Arkansas.

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